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If you’re tired of sitting around your house or office without a working air conditioner, you should know it doesn't have to be that way. Even though the temperatures are climbing, summer is all about staying cool. There's no one better equipped to help out than North Mechanical Heating and Cooling. We’re the home of speedy, reliable AC repair in Happy Jack. And we’ll get that AC running again fast so you can go back to enjoying your summer.

Our knowledgeable, experienced AC technicians excel at maintenance and installation. This extends to a wide variety of air conditioners, including everything from window units to commercial grade. We’ll work around the clock for you to make sure the job, no matter how big or complex, is done right the first time. And then we’ll pass the savings in both time and hassle onto you.

If you need emergency repairs, routine maintenance or anything more, we’re the best equipped. You’ll get your air conditioner back to great working health quickly and safely just in time for those summer highs. You can put away the extra fans and ice packs for good.

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There are many common and not so common problems that can happen to your AC system. Many of these are complex and can be time-consuming to fix. Others are simple, and there are lots of things you can do to keep an eye out for them. This may help you recognize a problem before it becomes worse.

Many air conditioners struggle to send cool, treated air through a home or business. This is frequently because there’s a clog in your air filter. Your filter should be swapped out every few months or so. It could also be because your unit lacks enough refrigerant. Be sure to review your AC’s manual for specifics on light maintenance.

Other times your system is blowing cold air, but the airflow is bad. Poor airflow might result in hot and cold spots in your home. The most likely cause is something blocking an air vent. In some cases it might be that your air conditioner just isn’t large enough for what your home or office needs. This can happen during renovation when rooms are added or enlarged.

If the problem is electrical, it may mean your air conditioner won’t start in the first place. Your thermostat or circuit breaker should be looked at. But it could also be a problem anywhere in the wiring. If a wire looks worn or damaged, don’t hesitate to call for expert, as your safety is one of our first priorities.

You can also listen, smell or look for things that are unusual across your HVAC system. These are frequently the first things owners identify. And that makes them the first line of defense in keeping your AC in the best possible condition. Staying vigilant can save you a great deal of time, frustration and money.

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Winter is cold enough with the frigid temps, and even worse if you come home to find a damaged or malfunctioning heater. Rather than pile on the extra blankets and coats, why not give North Mechanical Heating and Cooling a call? We’re the fastest furnace repair in Happy Jack, and eager to show you why.

All of our furnace technicians are fully trained, licensed and insured. They resolve a huge range of common problems furnace owners deal with. Trust us when we say we’ve seen a little bit of everything. Whatever the problem might be, we’ll arrive promptly to complete the job. It won’t be long until we find the cause and resolve it as quickly and safely as we can.

What are you looking for? Routine maintenance? A thorough inspection? A sudden emergency repair? The size and difficulty of the job doesn’t matter. It’s our commitment to get the job done right the first time. You’ll be nice and warm just in time for the next blizzard.

Your furnace is a crucial system for comfort at home or work. Unfortunately that also means serious damage or other malfunctions are sometimes expensive and time-consuming to fix. In some cases it’s best to let a professional handle the hard work. We’re dedicated to providing fantastic service so you feel safe with the utilities in your home. And there are still tasks to complete by yourself. They’ll help you identify signs of trouble right away, sparing you from needing extra repairs.

Your own senses are a good place to start. Stay alert for strange stains, loud sounds or obnoxious odors. If you learn they’re coming from your furnace, it’s strong evidence that maintenance is required.

Once you’ve realized something is wrong, check electrical systems like your thermostat or breaker box first. Sometimes the problem is fixed simply by altering the settings or programming on your thermostat. If the problem remains, it may be better to call for professional technicians.

Keeping other parts of the furnace free of debris or other substances is also helpful. You’ll reduce the chance of something happening in the first place. At minimum, your heating system will run as quietly and smoothly as it can.

Keep in mind while these things are quick, there’s always the chance the problems they uncover might be risky to your health or home. If you feel unable to correct the problem, don’t hesitate to hire a furnace expert with the right experience and tools.

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You hardly put any thought into your heat pump until it stops working like it should. When that happens, it’s annoying to sit around for heat pump repair in Happy Jack. Rather than waste your time with subpar service, go with the heat pump specialists at North Mechanical Heating and Cooling. We have the experience and tool set to locate what’s malfunctioning and fix it fast. So you can go back to enjoying the comfort of your home.

Our certified, insured and licensed repair staff are legendary for their consistency. We offer a wide number of HVAC services for your heat pump. We do our best to get the job completed right the first time since you have better things to worry about.

If you use a heat pump, we’re confident we’ll take care of every kind of problem. If you feel there may be something wrong with your heat pump, don’t wait a second longer. Get in touch with the professionals at North Mechanical Heating and Cooling today.

There are a variety of different ways your heat pump can malfunction. But there are also lots of ways for you to monitor its condition. Your senses are some of your most useful tools. They’ll become familiar with how a heat pump looks, sounds and smells. The next time you detect anything unusual, you’ll have the chance to react quickly.

Sometimes your heat pump isn’t running to begin with. There are lots of different causes, but your thermostat is the first place to check. Sometimes it’s as simple to fix as adjusting the settings or programming.

Another common problem is poor airflow. While keeping vents clean will help, typically it’s fixed by replacing your air filter. Change the filter every couple of months to reduce dust buildup. In some cases the problem is with the evaporator coils, and will need professional service.

If the problem seems electrical, you might discover faulty wiring. Feel free to reach out to us if you do. We’ll replace or repair the wiring quickly and safely.

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Furnace Service in Happy Jack and Surrounding Areas

If you’ve ever searched for furnace service in Happy Jack, you know how frustrating it can be. Dealing with mediocre, overpriced service is never enjoyable. By placing your faith in the seasoned experts at North Mechanical Heating and Cooling, you’re selecting the best of the best. You’ll promptly learn that heating maintenance doesn’t have to be an expensive chore.

Take into account a few of the benefits. For example, sometimes furnaces using natural gas create a gas leak if the problem is severe enough. The peace of mind you’ll enjoy by trusting an expert is worth the cost. Throughout a heater’s life span, consistent upkeep may boost your heater’s energy efficiency. In the best cases your furnace could even last a few years longer.

Ask one of our techs about signing up for one of our annual furnace maintenance plans. These long-term plans were designed with your safety and financial health in mind. With periodic service calls, we’ll inspect and maintain our way to an efficient-running furnace. During each service visit, we’ll thoroughly inspect all major parts. The burner, blower motor and pilot light will all be checked for signs of damage. Electrical systems are inspected for consistency and safety. If any parts need lubrication or fastening, we’ll take care of that as well. If a maintenance plan sounds helpful, go ahead and ask one of our techs about the details. We’ll talk about the benefits until you can make an informed decision.

In general, expect your heater to last anywhere from 12 to 17 years. This could be lengthened if it’s maintained in good health. Over time you’ll notice your furnace is not as efficient as it used to be. It works longer to deliver the same amount of heat for your home. Also, the possibility the system breaks down entirely will steadily increase. The older your system becomes, the more likely you’ll find yourself arranging for repairs.

After enough time, the amount of money you’re spending on an old furnace is more than a new one. You’re better off removing the old furnace for a replacement. We’re happy to provide excellent furnace installation in Happy Jack the moment you’re ready. Thanks to advances in technology, these new furnaces are more energy efficient. You can end up saving money on monthly energy bills. These new models are quieter than older furnaces as well.

The range of possible models may confuse you at first. But our technicians are friendly and knowledgeable. They’ll help you make the correct choice for your budget and needs. We’ll examine different brands and features until you find what you’re looking for. All that’s left is to enjoy a seamless transition from old system to new.

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