What Will a Brand New Heat Pump Cost?

Whether you’ve been planning for heat pump installation in Payson or it’s an unplanned purchase, your first issue is justifiably centered around cost.

Owners usually pay approximately $4,068–$7,160 for a average heat pump, according to HomeAdvisor.

High-performance heat pumps generally run $7,000¬–$10,000, however they guarantee continued cost savings. Plus, their cost may be offset by cash back discounts, particularly for geothermal or solar models.

However, it’s crucial to note your cost can fluctuate according to brand, installation and performance. And there’s many more aspects that impact expenses.

That’s why it’s vital to speak with an HVAC professional like North Mechanical Heating and Cooling at 928-263-8570 regarding which particular heat pump is right for your residence.

Here are a couple of other details that impact heat pump price.

Heat Pump Performance

You need to first consider what kind of heat pump is best suited for your requirements.

Heat pumps are manufactured as single-stage, multi-stage and cost-effective, variable-speed models. Our salesmen can walk you through each type of model and explore which brand would best serve your residence.

There are several other reasons that go into selecting a brand new heat pump, from efficiency levels to different technologies. Thankfully, we have a wide range of economical models that deliver the satisfaction you expect.

Heat Pump Size

There are a lot of various sizes. Choosing the wrong one may cause more costs or pleasure issues.

If your heat pump is too large, it won’t have to operate very long to get to the selected temperature. This means it’ll repeatedly be heating up or cooling down. It’ll operate with more energy than it has need to, which can cause it to stop running sooner and raise your utility bill.

If your heat pump is too small, it can’t maintain the proper temperature. You’ll discover your home isn’t as warm (or cool) as you’d want. And once more, the HVAC system will be working overtime.

A capable professional like one from North Mechanical Heating and Cooling can conduct a load calculation. This will help decide precisely what size you need.

An electrical assessment considers:

  • Square footage
  • Area temperatures
  • Insulation
  • Home construction
  • Residence size
  • Roofing

This offers a more exact estimate of which particular heat pump size will be right for you.

Find the Right Heat Pump with Superior Support from North Mechanical Heating and Cooling.

Starting to look for the newest heat pump can be intense. But the experts at North Mechanical Heating and Cooling can help.

We’ll assess your house and assist you to determine the most effective option for your home.

Reach us at 928-263-8570 or contact us by email to start the process today.

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